OpenGrants Daily Report

Monday, July 27 2020

The OpenGrants daily report aggregates public funding information from all around the United States.

Funding Opportunities

Opportunities currently accepting applications.

$200K Environmental Workforce Training – Funding for Environmental Workforce Development and Job Training programs.

$1.4M Strengthening Private Sector Engagement to Counter Synthetic Drug Trafficking – Funding to support and create disruptions in the illicit synthetic drug supply chain.

$500K Device-Based Treatments for Substance Use Disorders – Accelerate the development of devices to treat Substance Use Disorders. Develop advanced tech that offers safe and effective SUD treatments.

$5.5M Integrative Research to Understand the Impact of Sex Differences on the Molecular Determinants of AD Risk and Responsiveness to Treatment – Bring your cross-disciplinary team to help solve the impact of sex differences of brain aging, phenotypes, and risk of Alzheimer’s Disease.

Block Grant for Medium-Duty and Heavy-Duty Zero-Emission Vehicle Refueling Infrastructure Incentive Projects – Opportunity to manage up to $50 million in grant funds for various zero-emission vehicle refueling infrastructure incentive projects.

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Forecasted Opportunities

Upcoming opportunities to get ready for.

Research Hub for Electric Technologies in Truck Applications (RHETTA) – This program provides funds for the development of a California research hub focused on the transformative electrification of California’s heavy-duty vehicle market.

Solar Heating, Cooling, and Power for Industrial and Commercial Applications – Innovation funding for development and advancement of solar thermal technologies.

Establishing a Long-Term Technological Development Strategy to Decarbonize Natural Gas End Uses in California – Funding to study and strategize around a decarbonizing the California gas system to meet the state’s emissions goals.

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